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Apester Product Review

If you’re not sure what Apester is, according to their website, it’s a tool which helps you ‘engage with your readers on a whole new level’. How? By ‘using interactive …

Should You Be Blogging?

Should You Be Blogging?

Blogging can be fun, right? Especially when you’re passionate about something and feel like you have a lot to say about it. There are millions of bloggers out there – …

Top 10 News Aggregators

Top 10 News Aggregator Sites

Working on a news site has given me some education into where and how to get your news out there. From my experience, it seems most people aren’t necessarily tied …

Monetise Your Website

How To Monetise Your Website

So you’ve got your website and it’s been up and running for a while now, attracting a reasonable amount of visitors, e.g. moving from the hundreds into the thousands. Now …


WordPress (Basic): GoDaddy or 1&1?

I recently created this site using GoDaddy’s WordPress Hosting – after much deliberation about whether to go with GoDaddy or 1&1. Ironically enough, within a month I was asked to …

Millennium Dome

Welcome to Digital Dome

I created Digital Dome to help empower people and their ideas – including my own. The agency isn’t setup to take on the world but simply to help those who …