Expanded Text Ads Deadline Extended

Whether or not you are using expanded text ads on Google yet or not, you’ll be relieved to know the deadline to transition over has been extended to 31 January 2017 (it previously was 26 October 2016).

Nonetheless, I’d recommend you start using and testing expanded text ads (ETAs) as soon as possible. Once you’re ‘forced’ to move over, it’ll be harder to glean learnings from your standard ads. Additionally, debatably competition will be intensify as everyone will be using ETAs – although at this stage, evidence suggests that people are seeing better results for generic / non-branded traffic only.

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In terms of results I’ve personally seen, ETAs seem to be working better than standard ads across the board, albeit I usually discourage clients from running branded ads. By working better, I mean lower CPCs and higher average positions although conversions haven’t necessarily been inline with more clicks – however, they are on average better YoY.

Google announced the extension on Tuesday, along with some ETA best practice tips, albeit some of which seemed quite obvious such as testing ads, tailoring ads to keywords and run both standard and expanded text ads together – don’t just turn off the standard ad, as you don’t know which will serve you better.

This is in addition to Google updating the ‘Ad Preview Tool’ within Google AdWords, which now lets you select between desktop and mobile previews. Furthermore, the tool can also help to show when an ad text may get truncated – something that many have voiced concern over in the past.

Don’t forget if you’re a Bing Ads user, you’ll need to apply in order to get ETAs enabled in your account.

If you need help setting up and testing expanded text ads, simply get in touch for more information as to how Digital Dome can help you start getting more from paid search.