Welcome to Digital Dome

I created Digital Dome to help empower people and their ideas – including my own. The agency isn’t setup to take on the world but simply to help those who feel their marketing efforts could be improved. Whether it’s building a website, generating prospects or retaining clients, I feel with my experience, I can help in a majority of cases – even if it’s simply idea generation.

As this is a part-time ‘project’, I only intend on taking work on that I know I can do – being honest to my clients and myself. Unlike other agencies (based on my own experience), I never plan to take on work that I can’t actually do – let’s face it, it’s simply not worth the stress of doing so.

In terms of my experience, I started off working for SmartFocus (formerly Emailvision), a leader in cloud-based marketing software, after graduating in Business Information Technology at the University of Kent. Whilst at SmartFocus, I completed my MSc Marketing at Birkbeck College, Universities of London, which helped me learn the strategic side of marketing, before joining David Lloyd Leisure, looking after the optimisation of their digital marketing.

Most recently, I’ve joined IG, as Acquisition Manager for their gTLD project, Boston Ivy, looking after PPC, Display, Outreach and Website Marketing – which has taught me about gTLDs, e.g. .forex, .spreadbetting, etc., DFP (DoubleClick for Publishers), Google News and so on.

All of this and more is covered in my LinkedIn profile.

I’ll be using this blog to pretty much talk digital – mainly at a beginner / intermediate level, covering things such as best practice, personal experiences and product and service reviews. Posts published on this website are views of my own.

So, back to Digital Dome, how can I help? Well, get in touch for a no obligation chat to let me know about your challenges and what you’re looking to achieve. With no commission, shareholders and limited overheads, you can rely on Digital Dome providing you honest advice and ideas without any ‘hard selling’.