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Mobile Search Takes Over

Google Divides Its Index

In a move that won’t surprise most who work in the world of SEO, Google recently announced (at Pubcon (a marketing conference)) that it will divide its index. So Google …

Google Chrome Deploys Built-In Ad Filter

Ongoing Shift in SERPs?

A study by Searchmetrics this year has shown a decrease in numbers of organic links shown on a search engine results page (SERP). The report highlights an average of 8.5 …

What is Marketing Attribution?

What is Marketing Attribution?

Without trying to sound condescending, marketing attribution is simply the process of measuring the true effectiveness of your marketing. Unfortunately, it’s one of those things which isn’t as simple as …

Gold AMP Carousel

Should You Be Using AMP?

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a project that aims at increasing the speed of page load times on mobile. Most notably it is backed by Google who uses mostly AMP …

Expanded Text Ads (Google)

Expanded Text Ads Deadline Extended

Whether or not you are using expanded text ads on Google yet or not, you’ll be relieved to know the deadline to transition over has been extended to 31 January …


Google Search Update?

Checked your organic search rankings recently? Have they dropped drastically – or perhaps, you’ve moved up the rankings drastically? Regardless, there seems to be something going in Google HQ that …

Keyboard Search

Should You Bother With SEO?

With a reported 205 (Google) ranking factors, SEO (organic search) has no doubt become tougher than it has been in the past. With some companies strongly investing in SEO through …

Expanded Text Ads (Google)

Using Expanded Text Ads

I’m sure you’ve all seen Expanded Text Ads when you last ‘Googled’ (searched on Google) something that has resulted in at least a few paid ads being shown, such as …

Setting Up A Limited Company

Setting Up A Limited Company

Although this post is not directly focused on digital marketing, a lot of the conversations I’ve had in the past few weeks have been around setting up a limited company. …